A Professional Civil Engineer turned Real Estate Influencer!

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A Professional Civil Engineer turned Real Estate Influencer!

His story will take us through a glimpse of how he became a real estate influencer and gaining 120,000 followers in total from all his social media accounts.

Being an influencer and being part of this industry allowed him to transcend his and his family’s life to greater heights and financial stability.

With no further ado, here’s the story of ABREP member, Elddie John Benigay. Thank you Boss Elddie John Benigay for sharing your story with us. 💛💚💙

” My name is Elddie John Benigay and I have been in the real estate business and with #FilipinoHomes since 2016.

I am proud to say that I have gained over 120,000 followers on social media because of this business. I have been a vlogger and blogger since 2013, but I only hit my stride when I started venturing into this business.

My wife was able to resign from her work in Singapore and joined me full-time. Since then our sales skyrocketed.
We have been spending more time together, 24/7, and watch our baby Zeke grow in front of our eyes. It would not have been possible if it were not for this business — if we were not with Filipino Homes.

The movement for A Better Real Estate Philippines is one that has shaken the nation’s core for the real estate industry. So many amendments have been worked on and part of which is lowering the number of units for someone who wants to become a real estate broker.

I support this movement for 3 main reasons. One is, I am a professional civil engineer and my wife is a registered nurse. Instead of taking the 4-year BSREM course to become a licensed broker, it would be of great help if the real estate governing body will credit a few units we took when we were still in College.

Second, for senior high school graduates to have that equal opportunity to work as real estate practitioners. I believe that they too are equipped to handle real-world scenarios because of the K-12 curriculum.

And lastly, the most talked about “1 is to 20 ratio”, I want that amended as well because it will be financially advantageous to the brokers as well as the agents in the long run.

I am hopeful that these proposed amendments will be approved because then, everything will change for the better, for the entire real estate industry.

—-Elddie John Benigay—-