Let’s get to know Boss Aldin Malazarte Tagolimot.

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Life was difficult back then. My parents were vegetable and fish vendors, although it is a decent livelihood it was still a constant struggle to meet our family’s needs. All the more when my father got disabled in his early 50s.

Among 7 siblings, I was the only one who graduated college. I felt the need to persevere, work harder than the rest of us to support my family, and reach my ultimate dreams in life.

It was in the year 2011 when I started looking for better opportunities after I resigned from my corporate job. Someone invited me for a product seminar, in which before I was very selective in saying yes because of all these networking scams.

Anyhow as I recall, I went to that seminar because I was very curious how real estate changed so many lives. Many of them said they are earning so much more in real estate than their regular jobs. They were able to buy their own cars, condos, house and lots from their income in real estate. My family as my inspiration, I was motivated to pursue this real estate career path and eventually passed the Real Estate Board for Brokers in the year 2014.

I look up to successful real estate practitioners and leaders in the industry, learn from them, be like them and sell like there’s no tomorrow. Being in this industry for almost 10 years was not easy. There were a lot of bumps and failures along the way but all those are worth it. It brought me to where I am now — for someone who dreamt of owning a home, a car, and providing for my family, I now have all these and so much more. Giving back to my parents, traveling outside the Philippines and just being able to live my dreams make my heart so full.

All these successes were because of Filipino Homes. If it weren’t for this company, I might not have achieved so much in my life. They guided me and taught me how things are done. I learned a lot, received awards for being a consistent top seller, recognized by different developers — just to sum it all up, being part of this company has always been amazing.

I’ve failed a lot in my life but those failures are reasons why I succeeded. Indeed, had I not chased the opportunity, prayed, and believed in our God almighty, maybe I’m not here.


-Aldin Malazarte Tagolimot