Mabuhay A Better Real Estate Philippines

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Mabuhay A Better Real Estate Philippines!

Mylene Egana here, a house helper at age 10 to her teachers and relatives, a salesclerk at Gaisano immediately right after I turned 18. I was a janitress at the NAIA terminal 2 then became a call center agent from 2008 to 2015 which honed my customer service skills.

Now, I’m a Freelance Virtual Assistant and an accredited rent manager at the same time. Life has been difficult but I dream one day I would be a successful full-time real estate practitioner, hoping that it could bring me the success I’ve been trying to achieve in this lifetime, not only to prove myself that I can but also to give back to the people who were there for me before I could even flap my wings.

Even before I became a part of the Real Estate Industry, I have always admired how real estate changed the life of my now Team Leader Nestin Sandoval, owner of Best Homes PH, who encouraged me to join her team.

I’ve only been a part of the Industry for a couple of months. I may not have gotten a sale yet but I am sure that through attending webinars, the likes of what A Better Real Estate Philippines Movement are offering for FREE (which I only do not listen, focus, understand deeply, and even take screenshots so I could review it) I will be equipped to get that very first sale and a million more I am hoping to achieve.

Knowing that I could help a family find their very first home whether it be a condo or a house & lot, for themselves or for their investment to give them a passive income, able to match the right buyer and seller – It will be rewarding and fulfilling that you’re not just selling but rather also helping.

I am inspired by other real estate practitioners’ successes in the Industry. It motivates me to study the craft harder and persevere so that from someone who used to be an NPA (no permanent address) maybe one day, I can finally have a home I can call mine. From someone who was helped, to being able to pay it forward and help others as well.

One day, I too can speak to thousands of people and share how I have conquered success despite the struggles I had to endure. One day..