To all aspiring real estate practitioners, may you never give up, keep going and just trust the process. Someday, you’ll get your dreams to materialize too.

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I grew up in the simple town of Valencia City, Bukidnon. My father worked as a Truck Driver in a hardware store and my mother managed our small Sari-Sari store. An unfortunate event happened, the company where my father worked had to close down. We faced a huge financial problem at that time so my parents decided to venture into different kinds of businesses. From selling vegetables in the market to having a simple “carenderia” in our place. We also entered into “Ukay-Ukay” business to support the needs of the family.

I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Development Communication at Xavier University – Ateneo De Cagayan and I’m one proud Atenista. During college, although I got a scholarship in Xavier Ateneo De Cagayan with a full-tuition scholarship, still I had to work while studying, as a student assistant to pay for my other school fees and daily needs. I’m grateful for that opportunity, but the journey wasn’t easy.

As I remember it, during my entire 4 years in college, I only have one set of school uniform. I had to wash it every day. With Php 300.00 as a weekly allowance and for me to stretch it, I had to ask my landlord of the boarding house I’m staying in, to mop the floors for them, in return for a free breakfast. For lunch, I had to drink a lot of water so I won’t easily get hungry after eating 1 cup of rice (Php 5.00) and 1 serving of pancit/mongo soup (Php 10.00). I also had to sell “Samba Chocolates” so I can pay for the Miscellaneous and Laboratory fees. Instead of buying books, I just borrowed from my classmates and took notes… Looking back it gets me teary-eyed.

A month before graduation, I got an offer from Ayala Land as one of their in-house agents but declined it because I felt at that time, Sales wasn’t for me. I attended the Management Trainee for Mcdonalds Cagayan de Oro but the compensation wasn’t enough to help send my sister to college. Thus, I decided to go to Cebu, applied as a call center agent, and luckily I was hired by Convergys Philippines.

For several years I’ve worked in the call center industry, life was okay until I became a single mom where I had to raise my child alone and still be a breadwinner to my family. Handling my finances back then was really tough, making sure that I’m still able to support my family, my child’s needs and are all within my budget.

Until a friend and a previous colleague of mine, Jo-Ann Cabrera together with her boyfriend Geoffrey Lidon asked me to join them at Leuterio Realty and Brokerage. With no second thoughts, I joined the training and orientation in 2014. I started it as part-time work while still working full-time at Convergys Philippines until I had my very first sale the following year. And as they say, the rest is history.

It was a struggle having 2 jobs but my family was my inspiration and having that motivation to excel, kept me going. Since 2015, I’m proud to say that I have been a consistent National Awardee. Never had I imagined that I will also become a Real Estate Broker. I couldn’t even forget how happy I was when I passed the board exam last December 2016.

After 10 years in the call center industry, I’m now a full-time Real Estate Broker. My parents are now with me here in Cebu and we get to enjoy a more blessed and sustainable life together.

Joining Filipino Homes changed my life for the better, more than I could ever imagine. Other than having my own investments and being able to travel abroad, what I’m forever grateful for is that they provided me that opportunity to see my worth, what I can do more and serve as a catalyst to change the lives around me, from my family to my clients.

To all aspiring real estate practitioners, may you never give up, keep going and just trust the process. Someday, you’ll get your dreams to materialize too.

Sienna May B. Pepito, REB